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May you have the artistic confidence of a twelve year old on deviantart with a sonic oc

shim-grimpoh asked: Hello! Quick question - I'm soon going to be working more in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet and I was wondering if you could recommend any brushsets or brush resources. What is your preferred brush setting? Thanks a bunch and I really love your art!


Hi and thank you so much! I used to work with a specific set of brushes i’d collected in the past few years, but Elena and Olivia Ceballos mentioned making their own brushes and I started doing this more and more. Nowadays I tend to take existing brushes (like the basic ones found in Photoshop) and tweak them as I go to get them to do different things a little more often. Starting with the dry brushes in Photoshop is what I usually do.

If you’re interested in making your own brushes in Photoshop, here’s a nice tutorial that walks you through the basic process of doing so. Experiment and mess around with settings like brush shape, scattering and such. There’s a nice little preview in the Brush Presets window thingy that gives you a general idea of how it behaves. If you make something you like, you can save it :D

If you’re looking to download some cool ones, there are lots of stores and webpages out there you can either buy brushes from or download free ones given out. DeviantArt is also pretty cool and people upload and share their brushes. Just do a search for "Photoshop Brushes" on there and while there’s a lot to look through, you should find some gems! :D

Since you’re going to be working with a Wacom Tablet, you will start to see how brushes will behave depending on the pen tilt.

I hope this helps! Have a rad day :D

I’m on a quest to make my white pens actually produce the white ink
so i heard it’s draw a centaur day

He still can’t frown

"YOUR eyes are creepy."

All I can say is that I’m not asssss horrible with quick gesture drawing compared to my first semester last year

Says u

zagballo asked: maybe this is a weird question but I am looking into starting an online portfolio of my work (I just started this tumblr to jumpstart it while I create a webpage plus I have a deviantart), however, I am primarily a traditional artist and have the hardest time scanning/taking pictures of my work whereas the quality actually comes across... Any tips/advice/links you can share to help? :/ this is really frustrating... either the lighting isn't right for a pic or the bpi is off in scanning...


I have found lighting is ridiculously important. Much of my work is digital but when I need to photograph traditional work, I try to do it during the day to help out the camera. My home lights kinda stink and the camera struggles to record good data. Daylight helps so much!

Depending on the media of your work, you will be best trying a few things BUT I found a page with info and answers to common issues when photographing artwork for your portfolio and such :)

How to Photograph your Artwork for a Portfolio or the Internet

I hope this helps!

Anonymous asked: How did you keep going dude? Graduated from animation school a year ago, trying to get into boarding, and haven't found a job or even an internship anywhere. Moved out to LA because it's the thing to do. Been applying a lot and just working a retail job to just barely pay bills. You said it took you four years and man, I've been at it day in and day out drawing like mad and don't know if I can do it for another three years. Gets unbearable sometimes- any advice?


It can be tough, but the key I found that worked for me is to never give up, and never lose hope. Promise yourself this. Do NOT break that promise.

Things can happen at a moment’s notice. You never know. It happened to me, and I still can’t believe it. Make sure you have a portfolio online— I cannot stress that enough. If your work isn’t online, it’s not being seen. When I was in school, we were still focusing on physical portfolios and mailing them out. While some places still request portfolios this way, SO MANY MORE want digital submissions. On top of that, for the jobs you’re applying to— there are so many places and people who are just browsing online, not posting a job listing, and looking at portfolios and work. If your work is online, that’s so many more eyes seeing you and your portfolio.

I answer a lot of questions on here that have to do with Portfolios and my basic recommendations and suggestions. You can browse through them here. I hope they help you out.

Hang in there. I was not able to land an internship and I had to work on things for those 4 years until I was hired and it was tough but I did it.

When it gets unbearable, hang in there. Don’t burn yourself out either. There is no magic cut-off date or age. As long as you are improving your portfolio, that makes you better. Try to keep your mind fresh and inspired. Don’t be afraid to take a break from one thing and try another. If you’re grinding the pencil down to a nub, drawing like mad— try something else to give your head and hand a rest. Try simple watercolor, or building something physical. Sculpts. Anything. It’s very refreshing and very inspiring and I found it helped me to keep going when I felt like I was in my darkest hour. Also take a little time to just step away once in a while. I found when I took a break, I often came back even more eager to do things.

Make sure you take time to talk to other people and share work. That’s how I met my bestest friend online, and met so many more amazing people who became my friends. They inspire me, they encourage me, they support me.

Remember to work hard, and never lose sight of your goal. Also, you never know— something else amazing might present itself to you. There are so many ways artists work in the industry. Stay strong, and stay rad.

I know you can do it. 

a werewolf but instead all that happens is that his face splits open to reveal a snout 





when people draw fat/chubby characters skinny

when people don’t respect an artist style

if your drawing style is “completely eliminating a physical characteristic that is part of the character’s distinguishing features” you have a pretty shitty “artist style” and you really need to work on it

Don’t you dare call someone’s art shitty because they decided to draw something the way they prefer to draw it

Yes, I understand the premise of this is that you should respect “body representation”, but don’t you dare attack someone’s style or someone’s art because it doesn’t cater to your views

Honestly, this isn’t even related to a damn “style”.  These are body types.

HECK, go ahead and draw a fat character thin or a thin character fat. Have fun with it.  GOOD.  EXPLORE THE BODY TYPES.  ALL THE BODY TYPES.

Maybe I want to draw ursula as a thin sea witch.  I love her official design, don’t get me wrong, but maybe I just want to draw her thin just for the hell of it.  Orrrr, perhaps she can have well-built muscles. Whatever, just let me have fun drawing the damn character. :I

And for goodness sake, “Style” shouldn’t even be mentioned here at all.